Welcome to my Gallery Welcome to my Gallery Welcome to my Gallery Welcome to my Gallery

Welcome to my new website
and online catalogue.

July 3, 2020
Hello to all. My Studio now open w mask and glove during Covid Time! or ask me to do Face Time with you!

It is now August 8, 2019 and I have just made a Yelp Business Account for my Studio and my Teaching. You may find my offering for my airbnb Toby Madame Renaissance Art Immersions (Classes:intensive 8 hours; or 3 hours, day and evening hours) by looking on the internet! I dont have the link inserted here yet! Classes are ongoing. Studio visits are by appointment only and all welcome!

I hope you enjoy it. This website was made while I was iiving in Crete, Greece. Currently (2012), I am living and working in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. and have closed my Greek Studio.

I am Toby Judith Klayman, an Artist from the U.S.A. living now, with my husband, Joseph Mack Branchcomb, in Crete, Greece.

The Cat on our front gate (the big photo) is my painted wooden art object, entitled "Birch" and it is more than 3 feet tall and is painted on both sides. It is from my "Crete Love" series.

You will see "Birch" again in Gallery 8.

What you will find in the me section is more information about my 50 years as an artist.

In the book section, you will read about the book which I wrote for artists,

"The Artists' Survival  Manual"

which is still in print.

The notes section will include some ideas re my various media, general notes, links, news about my studio work, information about my teaching and my seminars, some ideas about prices and sizes of my work, other comments, hellos and dedications to special friends.

If you want to contact me, order something, give me feedback, tell me something interesting,ask a question re framing or shipping, please go to the contact section and fill in the form.

I will be very happy to hear from you.

In the gallery sections you are able to see a large selection of my work in the media of Pastels, Paintings, Water Colours,
and Wood.

I can say to the artists visiting this website, several things: I still believe everything I wrote in my book and my current work is wonderful and I love it. Come and take a mixed media course with me and expand your offerings, throw off your slumps, let the new work break through!

To my collectors, friends and family,
I hope you enjoy what I have been
doing since I moved to Crete.

To Estelle, my dear Mother,
thank you for your black hat
with the feathers (picture #2).

This website is for
Carole Hedges, In Memory.

My web designer and web programmer (webfabrika) have done a magnificent job and have worked tirelessly throughout the making of this site!

Thank you, Eva! Thank you, Horscht!

Many thanks for visiting my website!
I truly hope you enjoy it!