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It is now August 8, 2019 and I have just made a Yelp Business Account for my Studio and my Teaching. You may find my offering for my airbnb Toby Madame Renaissance Art Immersions (Classes:intensive 8 hours; or 3 hours, day and evening hours) by looking on the internet! I dont have the link inserted here yet! Classes are ongoing. Studio visits are by appointment only and all welcome!

Look for me too on Instagram, Pinterest and my two fb pages for more info!

One special word:

since I am inputting all my text, part of my Notes section will change and perhaps (when I am ambitious) on a daily basis. You may watch for some daily news, lessons I am learning, thoughts and ideas which might be of interest to one or all of you.

November 2016

Well, there certainly has been a long delay and now it is November 2016. What is my Studio News? Still making Wooden Objects, still painting on beautiful ceramic and still doing a series of Acrylic Original Paintings!

There is also something new:
I have become a City Host inside the airbnb Experiences Program. I am a City Host in San Francisco and you can find my 2 day Offering if you look for me under a new name: Toby, Madame Renaissance.... which was given to me by the airbnb Headquarters and their Marketing Team! I hope I live up to the Title.

To find it, you must go to the website and pull down the Experience Menu and then choose your City of Choice which would be San Francisco. My Experience is about Hands on Art, etc!  It is an 8 hour, 2 day Art Immersion at my Studio! Awesome! I Love it! and I have had some AMAZING Students!!!!!
More Later!

August 2014

Current Klayman Print Prices: $125 plus tax, each! Thank you!

June 2014

Thanks to You All who support my Work!!!

Look at this interesting link!

Chef Greg and Kristen, Many Thanks!
Steve and Jenny, Many Thanks!
Cheryl H., Many Thanks!
3rd Cousin, San Francisco, Many Thanks!!

July 2013

Steve Sisler has honored us by producing a Video in our Studios. You can access it with the link: Creative Bernal Neighbor Video

March 2012

I have been drawn to a new palette within my wooden objects from the travels to South Africa, Cape Town, Langa Township, Port Elizabeth and the Lalibela Game Reserve. You may ask about them via email as they are not yet inserted into my website!

December 2009

New ceramics available by Klayman from hand thrown Cretan Red Clay, made during visit to Kamilari, Crete, Greece, during September/November visit to Studio there. Firing by Vasilis in Sivas, Crete! Wonderful! thank you for the collaboration, Vasilis!

August 28, 2009

Here is a new review I just received about my book, The Artists' Survival Manual. I am deeply moved by it!

"If I were leaving civilization, and could only take one book to most comprehensively represent each category in my lifetime library of collected knowledge, this is the book I would choose as my Artist’s Guide. It addresses everything you’ll need to know along the way, and more importantly, things you didn’t know you had to know, that can make all the difference in your success as a working artist. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

August 28, 2009

George and Sofia of Heraklion, we are thinking of you as you near your September Event!

I'll have some ceramics on the Food Network.

Watch for a new show about Brian Boitano. The episode in which my ceramics are featured is called "The Handyman Special" and is being aired actually on Sept 6 at 1 PM EST and again on Sept. 12, 2009!

Guy Bissay, thanks for loving my work so much !

April 2009

and now we Twitter and we Facebook, too!!

Congratulations on the wedding of cousin Sam Sewall to his Darling Wendy! The June 09 wedding was just fantastic!

Home now from 6 weeks out of the country! We were in Scotland 3 1/2 weeks at Quarriers Village and then in South Africa (Cape Town and Lalibela Game Reserve near Port Elizabeth. January 8, 2009. More about this trip, later.
It was just fantastic, Safaris and all!

The visit from Eddie Newman in April 2008 was such a joy. We wish you and tiger tattoo a beautiful journey back to Cambodia via Scotland!

George and Sofia back in Heraklion now. Thank you for the December 07 visit to San Francisco!

December 2007

Thank You, Takanori Iida for my First Order from Japan! Wow!

October 2007

First shipment of Art to Capetown, South Africa.
Thank you, M and D!!!

June 2007

Jemima, enjoy Peru!!!!!

June 2007

Thank you, Horst and Eva. We are adding three new sections to my website:
Ceramics, Original Drawings and my 1972 wonderful Suite of Serigraphs! I am very excited about this: WOW!!

June 2007

Thank you, Juergen, for your visit from Berlin and Kamilari!

February 2007

Takanori Iida paid us a visit
from Japan. Thank you, Iida. I am very happy to have spent time with you again and look forward to many more of your visits!!

November 2006

Thank you M. Rohrlich of the New York Tiimes for including my Wooden Objects in your Holiday Gift Issue, (Nov. 30, 2006).

I hope you will visit my
California Studio in 2007!

My Greek Studio closed the end of October 2004. I returned to my San Francisco Studio the end of November 2004. I have the same email, as usual ... and all my artwork was with me, taking the journey from Kamilari!!.

Now, it is August 15, 2005 and I am in my San Francisco Studio and how wonderful it is to be here! The 40 foot container arrived safely with our possessions!

Notes About my Art Objects:

In the painting section you will see that I have a body of paintings, done here in Crete, which are on buff coloured paper.

The wood section is about my current series of painted wooden art objects. I think I can call them my sculptures.

By the way,

they are all free standing and many of them are painted on both sides. They are all unlimited edition multiples. They are brazilian plywood about 3/8" thick. They are painted first with white housepaint, two coats and then the third coat with liquitex acrylic gesso. After I hand paint the image, the object is then varnished, on all sides with Alfaxyl, a wood preservative, and varnish. The varnish helps them stay outdoors much of the year and also helps keep the objects clean. They can be cleaned with a damp sponge and water. You may place them at your side to keep you company.

I like the description which Philippe Burdet has given me to use in the online website which also includes some of my artworks:

"... Zu ihren ArtObjects schreibt Kunst- kenner und -sammler Philippe Burdet, Lausanne:

'Interested since her travel in Greece in the shadow theatre of Karaghiozi, Toby Judith Klayman's wooden art-objects bring to life another similar  kind of these figures. What was painting before takes suddenly another dimension, emerging from the canvas  to become incarnate in a shape one can seize and handle like a companion.'"

By the way,

All prices are in the detail section of each image. All prices are plus shipping.You can write for more info. I ship 5 day courier from my Crete, Greece studio.
After December 10, 2004, I will be shipping via courier from my San Francisco studio and for my European Collectors , I will pay one half of the shippings costs for orders outside the United States.

From many of my original pastels and original water colours, I have made an unlimited xerox color machine print or I have personally scanned in my original  and have made a color print with my scanner. When this is the case, when you open my original art image, it will say there is also a print available.

Most prints are  8 1/2" x 11" in size and they are either 30 Euros or 55 Euros each.

You may consider my prints to be like a wonderful museum poster edition. They are good reproductions and are wonderful for gift-giving!