Toby Judith Klayman Toby Judith Klayman Toby Judith Klayman Toby Judith Klayman

I want to tell you something about me now, and my life as an Artist.

  • I was born in 1935 in Providence, R.I.
  • I studied at Brandeis University (B.A. 1956) and I studied at Cal. State Dominguez Hills (M.A. 1983).
  • I became an artist at Brandeis University in 1954.
  • I studied with Peter Grippe, Sculptor in 1954-56

My Professors, Max Lerner and Claude Vigee during 1952-56 taught me to think, creatively. I am fascinated and inspired by almost everything. My art is a variety of media. (drawing, pastel, water colour, painting, serigraphy, blockprints, monoprints, painted wooden art objects (sculpture), machine prints from a scanner or from a good xerox machine).

My San Francisco Studio is still open, by appointment only, and a major body of my former work is there. I taught at City College of San Francisco, Tenured Faculty, Art Department from 1966-1996 (Tenure awarded 1974). I taught at Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, USA, Adjunct Faculty, Arts Administration Graduate Degree Program from 1996-2000.

I am currently still teaching and doing seminars in the topics of Painting, Mixed Media, Design and Composition, and The Successful Managing of an Individual Artist's Career, including Entrepreneurship, Arts Management and Legal Protection of Intellectual Property. Please see more info on that in the my book section of this website.

My teaching is site specific now via the internet or at my Crete studio and you may write me for further information. I have had many exhibitions of my work starting with my first major exhibition at the John Bolles Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. 1971, at which time, the noted art scholar, Alfred Frankenstein, exclaimed "Klayman, I love you" ... in his review of that first show.

I like what was said about Jean Cocteau in the book by Erik Aschengreen (Gylendendal, Denmark 1986, P.97), "Jean Cocteau and the Dance". ... that making art is a duty, a personal showdown, a descent into the unconscious.

On this website, you will find very little about my Exhibitions in the United States, my reviews, articles and notices, other publications, consulting, curating, grants and awards I have received, professional affiliations, board memberships, and radio and television appearances.

You also will not find much about my college teaching career or my lecturing throughout the United States on the various topics in my book.

You will also find that I do not include, the images, in this website, of many of the media to which I have been devoted. For example, I produced in 1972 a body of serigraphs which are still exhibited in my studio in San Francisco, but which are not included in the images in this website.

You can always write me for a copy of my complete resume or you can google me to read further about me.

Many thanks to my two studio assistants, Andrea Chapligin and Oksana Kritkovskaya Chapligina (photo #1, below), my wonderful husband, Joseph Mack Branchcomb (photo #2), and my exquisite daughter, Sue Harris (photo #4) for their love and support.